Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Marital Conversations

WORKING: Is he three weeks old tonight?
TREV: He is. (to Mac) You are. Tonight you will be three weeks old. Three weeks old! Half way to your... six weeks... license.

* * *

WORKING: Does Laura Ling ever look like her sister.
TREV: Uh... maybe because they're twins?
TREV: (laughing) You have to blog that.
WORKING: I refuse to blog anything that makes me look stupid.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 1:53 PM

They aren't twins. Lisa is three years older. Don't feel stupid.  

Blogger Trevor ~ 2:08 PM

I stand corrected.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 10:59 PM

If I refused to blog anything that made me sound stupid, I would... uh... not have a blog.  

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