Saturday, November 29, 2008

3X365 Grace in Small Things

Softly falling snow,
- that is dry and won't make my socks wet.
- that muffles the honks of hundreds of geese
- as seen through the steam of warm tea.
- and that makes it feel like a festive kind of Saturday. Thai food for lunch. Yummm.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

2X365 Grace in Small Things

I am grateful for these small things today.

1. For my husband who carried a 90 lb dog home when she collapsed on the morning walk.
2. For my sister who dropped everything to clean up vomit and drive the dog to the vet clinic.
3. For Dr. Fleming who explained absolutely everything I needed to know about Cardiac Tamponade and the tumor that likely caused it.
4. For my family who came together quickly to say goodbye.
5. For Annie. One of the best dogs in the world. Little miss cop dog, making sure everything was all right at all times. As my sister put it, she had the loudest bark and the biggest heart. Rest in peace, sweet Annabella.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1X365 Grace In Small Things

Well now this is a good idea. It's Schmutzie's brainchild and I like it. Good way to get back into this blogging thing.

This project is going to be a little difficult for me because it does not come naturally. Especially lately; I've been in the funk of all funks. Functioning, possibly too much functioning, and not happily. Wondering if most of my decisions in life aren't big, stinky ol' mistakes. Hence no writing.

But that woe-is-me stuff is so boring. The point is that I can't even remember the last happy or grateful thought I've had. That's just... sad. So this project is good.

1. My annual physical concluded with practically perfect results.

2. I have time for coffee with friends. Giving up my classes was a sad moment for me last week, but I really want to have dates with Trevor and coffee with my friends. So it's good.

3. Soda water. I love soda water, chilled, a little bit of lime.

4. The pattern the new shingles make on the roof of the new garage. My dad, uncle and their friend Nancy did most of the work, but I actually managed to perch myself on the peak to hand them shingles. It makes me feel like I did something. I also helped drill anchor studs and lift the walls into place. Something about this kind of work makes me happy. It's in my jeans (baggy and full of holes with just a hint of butt crack).

5. The way Trevor's hair is all unruly in the mornings. It makes me want to run my fingers through it and scrunch it all up to make it stand up even more. Today it tends rather eastward.

Man, this took me awhile. But it did not suck.

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