Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She Lives!!!

Where the hell are you?
Back in the prairies. My lips are chapped.

How is Trevor adjusting?
Aside from blubbering quietly to himself in the middle of the night, and randomly mimicking streetcar sounds, I’d say he’s adjusting well.

Are you employed?
I am. I do not work at home, but when I’m at home I do a lot of work, thanks to my extracurricular Anatomy / Physiology and Medical Terminology classes.

So you made it into Nursing?
Not yet. I haven’t even applied yet and I won’t know until the spring if I made it in for Fall 2009. Hence the day job. These classes are a litmus test for me. I wasn’t sure this part of my brain still worked. I’m still not entirely sure, come to think of it.

How do you like being a student again?
I heart Anatomical Regions. I hate the Chemical Basis of Life.
Which reminds me of a phone call I made to the school back in the summer.
The registrar asked, “Do you have your Chem 30?”
“You mean, like, from high school? I can’t remember. That was 15 years ago.”
“Well you need it.”
”But… I have an English Honours degree.”
“Doesn’t matter.”
”It doesn’t matter that I have a University degree?”
”You need Chem 30.”
“But even if I did take it 15 years ago, guaranteed all I did was pass notes and Hail Mary my way through the final.”
“You still need it.”
”Shit. There’s no way I can still tell an ionic bond from a polysaccharide.”
”You need your Chem 30.”

Turns out I do have my Chem 30. It hasn’t helped.

What else is new?
Trevor and I bought a new bed. My newly separated father, who now lives with us, flirted mercilessly with the saleswoman. Then he paid for the bed*. I have a lot to get used to.

*siblings, before you get jealous, it covered his rent bill.

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