Friday, August 21, 2009

Marital Conversations

Stupid conversations you'd never thought you'd have as a couple:

TREV: (to Mac who is laying on the change table) Oh, you're laying on wet cloths. I'll change those.
WORKING: Why are you changing them?
TREV: ... Cuz they're wet...
WORKING: Course they are. He peed on them.
TREV: I know. That's why I'm changing them.
WORKING: But why are you changing them when he's still having naked time?
TREV: Are you serious? Because THEY'RE WET.
WORKING: But he's still having naked time.
TREV: ...
WORKING: So he could still pee some more.
TREV: ...
WORKING: So you might as well leave those cloths so he can pee onto them instead of dirtying all new cloths.
TREV: But... they're peed on and he's laying on them. That's gross.
WORKING: What's the difference? He'd just be laying in a wet diaper anyway.
TREV: (under breath) You're going to be laying in a wet diaper.
TREV: Nothing.

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