Sunday, August 09, 2009

GiST: Sister's Wedding Shower

1. Nancy's backyard. It's beautiful, resplendent with flowers and little fountains.
2. Serving teas for the shower. It was a good day when I got to shop at Cuppa T. I chose a Russian Caravan Black, a Tropical Fruit Rooibos, and a Strawberry Kiwi fruit tea.
3. It didn't rain.
4. Sonja seemed so happy with her gifts. Favorite one: Auntie Marilynne gave her an onion and a knife. She said during her years as a SAHM, she'd sometimes get so immersed in a book and suddenly realize it was 4PM and everyone was on their way home and she had nothing to show for the day. So she'd throw a chopped onion on the stove in some butter so at least it smelled like supper was being made, even if the final result had nothing to do with onions or butter.
5. Dozens of women passing around my son for the whole afternoon so I could keep the tea stocked.
6. Delicious curried chicken and two kinds of homemade pie for supper.
7. Trevor getting up with Mac this morning so I could catch an extra hour and a half of sleep.


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Anonymous James ~ 12:48 PM

I love the onion story. And I remember the joys of letting your newborn get passed around. People would say, "Are you sure you don't want him back?"

"No, no, take your time! Enjoy!" I'd say.  

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