Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grace in Small Things

1. Even though it's complicated and frustrating and still not fully approved, at least I qualify for EI Mat Leave.
2. After a miserable, snowy start to the week, it's a bright, sunny day.
3. I'm looking forward to having a laugh at Sally Elliot's class tonight. Who knew childbirth prep could be entertaining?
4. City Homicide.
5. Scheduler says I have a clear day. Tarot and Anatomy!


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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:38 AM

I could never get past the fact that Sally has the same hair as Sideshow Bob. Not once didn't this brighten up a long, hot, dull class. Ask her to sing something from The H.M.S. Pinafore. :-)

Scotty B  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:12 AM

ha ha! I never thought of that! Great, now that's all I'm going to think about tonight. --WORKING  

Blogger Hildy ~ 10:33 AM

I loved Sally's classes - have you gotten to the ice-cream pail vagina yet?  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 3:05 PM

No, but I sure have heard about it! --Working  

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