Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grace in Small Things

I must look haunted today because several people have asked what’s wrong. Even Trevor asked when he just called, so I even sound haunted. It’s weird when your face portrays an emotion inconsistent with how you really feel. Now I’m questioning myself: am I haunted?

Well, maybe a little. And what cures a case of the haunts? Grace in Small Things!

1. New-to-us couch and chair that MIGHT be in our possession tomorrow! Provided the truck starts and the couch is actually ‘as seen in picture’.
2. No-VOC paint from Rona! Soon to be on our office walls!
3. Kicks from the kidlet in my belly.
4. Remembering that I have an A.R.T. appointment tomorrow.
5. Crossfit in two hours. I'm so glad it's still a craving.


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