Thursday, November 27, 2008

2X365 Grace in Small Things

I am grateful for these small things today.

1. For my husband who carried a 90 lb dog home when she collapsed on the morning walk.
2. For my sister who dropped everything to clean up vomit and drive the dog to the vet clinic.
3. For Dr. Fleming who explained absolutely everything I needed to know about Cardiac Tamponade and the tumor that likely caused it.
4. For my family who came together quickly to say goodbye.
5. For Annie. One of the best dogs in the world. Little miss cop dog, making sure everything was all right at all times. As my sister put it, she had the loudest bark and the biggest heart. Rest in peace, sweet Annabella.

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Anonymous James Whittingham ~ 9:27 AM

Sorry to hear this bad news.  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 11:40 AM

That's so sad. A very nice and touching tribute post though.
My thoughts are with you guys.  

Anonymous Matthew Forbes ~ 2:03 PM

My heart goes out to you all.  

Blogger Schmutzie ~ 2:45 AM

I always cry a little when I hear about someone losing a pet. I'm sorry to hear it. She was beautiful.  

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