Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Up in the Kitchen

“Guess what,” I said to Trevor.
“My cholesterol is up.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Nope. High end of normal.”
 I was scandalized. I am not the type to have high cholesterol.  My people do not get high cholesterol.  Except, apparently I do.

(“It was just after that weekend in Montreal,” I theorized to Trevor.  Yup, I blame  The naked waitresses and their greasy eggs. Not to mention the poutine and smoked meat sandwiches and the crepes and the pasta and the two nights straight of gelato and the burgers that we also consumed that weekend).

My doctor actually grinned a little when he delivered the news, as though this proves his point that 1. I’m overweight and 2. I’m not taking care of myself. Well, pooh.

It bruises my ego, which is large (and apparently overweight).  So Trevor and I have resurrected our menu from healthier days. 

For this week:

Steel cut oats (soaked in kefir overnight), served with berries and a touch of cinnamon maple syrup.*
Soft boiled eggs.
*  Note, I am not a breakfast person.  But that seems to be changing.

Homemade red miso and kobu seaweed soup in a fish broth base
Whole grain pita
Red Bush tea (provided I remember I made it and drink it before it goes cold)

Shake made of kefir, orange juice, frozen berries, and whole food protein powder.**
Square of dark chocolate
Glass of wine
**A shake at the end of the day is perfect.  Quick to make, little clean-up, leaves plenty of time for Corrie.

On the budget front, all of the ingredients are the best quality we can afford (local first, organic second), so it can get expensive. However, we’re eating a lot less meat and nothing is wasted. We make it all from scratch.  So actually, we seem to be spending less in the end.  Especially now that we're not going to the grocery store daily (go in for one thing, come out with 20).

Still, it stings a little to plunk down $7 for eggs (our nutritional bible suggests buying the highest quality of eggs you can afford, as the nutrient pay-off is apparently worth it).

On thing I’ve learned over the years is healthy eating only works if one allows for indulgence. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So weekends are for indulging in whatever craving that’s been driving us mad. Last weekend, it was a unanimous vote for fish ‘n chips. So, so worth it.  What surprised me is that for once, I couldn't finish it.***

***well, I did in the end because I got a doggy bag.  Should've said no to that, in hindsight.  Oh well.  Can't be bloody perfect.

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Anonymous It's just me, James ~ 9:50 AM

This may be sexist, but it has been my long-held belief that all naked waitresses have greasy eggs.  

Blogger bstockton ~ 10:04 AM

Welcome to the club, I too am on the high end of normal for cholesterol. Also something about the good cholesterol/bad cholesterol ratio not being good. This was also a shock to me because I tend to eat whatever I want and nothing really bad ever happens.

So far I'm not doing anything drastic, but just trying to eat a bit more sensibly and walk a little more.  

Anonymous James ~ 10:55 AM

I have a friend who literally weighed 90 lbs in her twenties and was on a national athletic team who had high cholesterol. It was genetic.

I mean, look at me, I'm morbidly obese and my cholesterol is not only good but 'perfect' according to my doc.

If your family doesn't have it, maybe your genes mutated after the MRIs.  

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