Monday, May 19, 2008

Breakfast In Montreal

To step through the door of a serveuses sexy joint is to enter a strange limbo land that hovers permanently between the night before and the morning after. There'’s something distinctly Made In Quebec about the topless breakfast experience, and Montreal has a few such eating establishments.”*
“"I dunno,”" Matt says. He’s been saying this for the entire drive across town.
“"It’'s up to you, man,"” Trev says again.
“"Let’'s just do it,”" Matt says.
The boys go first through the darkened door. When I follow, 20 or so pairs of masculine eyes turn to stare at me. Forkfuls of egg pause in mid-air. Yup, I am the only girl. Well, the only girl wearing a shirt.
From the outside, the windows of Les Princesses Super Sexy are dark and impenetrable, but banners boasting waitresses that are “'super sexy'” or “'très très sexy'” give you some idea what’'s going on. The satellite atop this boxy building competes with the semi-erect Olympic Stadium tower nearby.”*
“"Oh dear,”" I say.
“"Yeah, I saw that,"” Matt says.
“"What?”" Trevor asks, rubbernecking.
"”Somehow it’'s okay to see boobs at the breakfast table..."” I say.
“"But not that,"” Matt completes the thought. Even the hungover kid at the next table politely asks the server to pull down her ‘'skirt'’.

The eggs were just okay.

*Excerpt from Montreal Resto A Go-Go: 200 Cheap and Fun Places to Eat and Drink in Montreal 2007 by Sarah Musgrave. P. 154. Copyright 2006, Vehicule Press.

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