Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rage: Aftermath

TREVOR:  Y'ello?

WORKING:  Hey babes.  It’s me.


WORKING:  I have good news and bad news.

TREVOR:  Okay….

WORKING:  Good news is I think I fixed the dehumidifier.

TREVOR:  Oh good!


TREVOR:  ... Aaaand the bad news?

WORKING:  Are you busy?

TREVOR:  Yes.  No.  Why?

WORKING:  Do you have time to google how to get super glue off of fingers?

TREVOR:  You're kidding.

WORKING:  I could barely dial the phone.  I definitely can’t type.

TREVOR:  Well, that’s probably a good thing.


TREVOR:  Nothing.  Hang on.

*  *  *

So this is how you do it:  soak your fingers in nail polish remover.  Like so.

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Blogger James ~ 9:04 PM

It's a good thing you didn't have an itchy ass. That would have been embarassing at the emergency.

You should play with super glue.

I'm a hot glue man myself, in these situations. Worked for me on a wasp trap.  

Anonymous Lowell ~ 9:55 PM

Absolutely hilarious.

I've read your page before but it took this post to force me to leave a comment!

Good writing, and in this particular instance the picture really helped.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 5:55 AM

James, all I had was super glue but I may invest in a hot glue gun. Cuz man, super glue is way too runny for plastic jobs.

Hello, Lowell!!  

Blogger bstockton ~ 11:21 AM

That sounds like something Tobi would do. Wait a minute, she did do that. She had to borrow nail polish remover from the teenage girls upstairs on Bain ave.  

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