Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Maria

Working (yelling at TV): Don’t tell them to pose all the same!
Trevor: …
Working (still yelling at TV): You want us to remember all these Maria’s! Start assigning them personalities! “You’re the perky one. Pose all perky like.” Don’t make them pose all the same! How am I supposed to keep track of who’s who!
Trevor: …
Working: This whole show is a mess. Two episodes in, I can barely distinguish any of the Maria’s and I hardly care anymore. Good idea. But what a wasted opportunity.
Trevor: …
Working (to Trevor): Don’t they watch American audition shows? Like Idol and Dancing? Wanna make the show, go to the experts. It’s all been done before. And for something like this, you go to the Americans. NOT the British.
Trevor: …
Working: For a doc-style reality show, like looking good naked or restaurants, you watch the British. But for this kind of crap, it’s the Americans.
Trevor: …
Working: I think I’ll write someone at CBC about this. Should I write someone?
Trevor: No! No more writing! We're getting a reputation. You’re sullying my good name.

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Anonymous James ~ 11:26 PM

Sheesh. I bet the box store guy was having the exact same conversation with his cat!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 4:54 AM

I just know I'm on some list at CBC... Or they've just flagged my email address as junk mail.  

Blogger John ~ 5:48 AM

My fave is Janna the Smugly Entitled One. But I think Allie is going to win it.

But you're right about the format. We're at Top Ten already?! They're only now getting to the Crush Their Spirits episode of Canadian Idol.  

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