Sunday, August 05, 2007


(First, an editorial note. Notional Past corrected me on the term “projection” versus “displacement” when it comes to loving pets like children. I totally meant displacement.)

So here I am. Back on the prairies. It turns out this city is not is not so strange afterall. As my sister drove me to our parents’ house, I saw the lights of the summer Exhibition, immediately thought of mini donuts and salivated. Pavlov’s classical conditioning in full effect.

While I thought I saw evidence of some urban expansion as the plane circled, it is still seems very much the city I remember. There was left over pizza in the fridge, too. I swear, Toronto needs to send representatives to learn how to make this stuff.

Charlie-the-dog has had enough. It’s been a harsh week for the animals. First The Boo took her leave, then Charlie and I took ours. We left behind Kiwi, who is known to howl for days over loss, and of course Trevor, who may at this second be reaching for the ibuprofen and a shotgun.

Poor Charlie. Picture this: you are shoved into a box and then hurtled to 40,000 feet in the bottom of a steel tube. You sit for 8 hours in your own urine. You arrive, terrified, in a place that smells completely unfamiliar. And you have no idea what just happened or why. You can only wonder how your owner could be so cruel (okay, that might be projecting).

Exhausted, we both slept through the night. I woke up at 5:30 AM and took the girls (my parents also have a dog) to the park. It was cool and crisp. I breathed deeply and gazed at all of that sky.

Charlie jumped into the creek.

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Anonymous Tina ~ 11:36 AM

Laureen is in town today. Do you think you can squeeze an hour in to visit before she leaves?  

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