Friday, April 20, 2007


I never thought it would happen to me.

I mean, I’ve heard about it, but I scoffed at the whole concept. Bloody college kids.

(Note: I also scoffed at Entourage and Coronation Street. We all know how that turned out.)

Now, it’s Facebook. I know, I know. Late to the party. And chugging it like it's the last six-pack (and friends and family have witnessed how well that turns out).

I’ve only been on for two days but I’ve probably checked it 20 times to see who knows people I know. Suddenly I’m interested in everyone from old classmates to ex-boyfriends.

The upside is that I’ve also hooked up with family and people I’ve worked with. It’s nice to keep in touch. And I think some of the Coronation Street Canuck'ers are on there...

No! Too much work to do today! Must… stay… away… from… facebook….

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