Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Love Me Some Corrie

TREVOR: Its on tonight at 7:30. Think you could set up a record for me?
but only when you've got a sec.

WORKING: can do
TREVOR: thanks, lub
WORKING: lubber.
TREVOR: lub you
WORKING: lubbing you
TREVOR: lub my lub
WORKING: Damn. Ruined another tea.
TREVOR: hey, isn't that Corrie meet-up tonight?
WORKING: You're working late though, aren't you?
WORKING: Hey! I could still go! By myself!
TREVOR: imagine that!
TREVOR: you might actually have a good time
TREVOR: I may be able to pop by at the end for a pint. Unless you're going "stag".
WORKING: Ha. No, come along. I can even wait for you if it wraps up early. What time do you think you'll be off?
TREVOR: well, same-ish as last night. But I can try to leave by 8.
WORKING: Now I have to think of a character to research so I can try to win the classic Corrie ebay prize.
WORKING: We're supposed to pick a character, do background research, and then get quizzed by G.. Last person standing wins the prize.
TREVOR: cool
TREVOR: who do you WANT to do?
WORKING: I like Liz McDonald.
TREVOR: nice one
WORKING: She's been around awhile, she’s had a few interesting things happen to her, and she's not as annoying as Gail or as complicated as Deirdre.
TREVOR: go for it
WORKING: Hm. She doesn't have as sordid a past as I thought. I’d be out in an early round. Maybe I should try and master Deirdre. Daunting, but maybe I could pull it off in time....
WORKING: Dammit, I just spilled my tea down my front again.

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