Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marital Conversations

WORKING: I have two quizzes tomorrow! Two!
TREV: Oh that sucks.
WORKING: It's totally unfair the way they want us to prepare so much.
TREV: Yeah, why won't they just let you walk in and be nurses already?

* * *

TREV: (from the kitchen) So you want that ham soup for supper?
WORKING: (from the dining room) Yeah, I defrosted some. It's in the fridge.
TREV: You mean this stuff here in the plastic container?
TREV: That's not ham soup.
WORKING: What is it, then?
TREV: I don't know. Something really, really old, probably.
WORKING: Oh. Then I guess throw it out?
TREV: But it kind of smells okay...
WORKING: Wanna give it a go?
TREV: Sure. Ooh, it has lentils! I'll make basmati.

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