Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Mac: 11 Months

I'm so tired. I had a final today. I have a midterm - a pass-it-or-else midterm - tomorrow. I have a major assignment due Friday that I haven't even started. So tonight when you pitched a royal fit and refuse to go to bed, I was this close to losing it. And by losing it, I mean texting your father to demand that he walk faster. Luckily he was almost home anyway.

Then when he was taking you up to bed (for the third time, btw) and he said, "give mom a kiss," and I leaned in and you kissed me. He turned to take you upstairs and I waved goodnight and you waved back. And earlier today you learned to high-five. So either you've chosen to vault into Month 11 in one single day, or the two significant knocks you took to the head earlier shook loose some learnin' (re the knocks: you've started climbing and, therefore, falling).

So, what's new:

- Crawling is so last month. You walk everywhere now. You've set running as your new goal.
- You talk all of the freakin' time, but still not in words I understand.
- When you want out of your highchair, YOU WANT OUT RIGHT NOW. When I say, "no, honey, don't leave the yard," you try harder to leave the yard. When you're done checking something out, you throw it.
- In the last two days, you've also broken our space heater, the baby monitor, and two bowls, all before I could get to you.
- I turned around and you were toddling towards the dog weilding a sharp garden claw type tool. I didn't even know we had one.
- In other words, if there is something breakable or potentially dangerous, you hone in on it like you have sensors. We discussed renting you out to expectant parents to test if their houses are baby-proof. You'll have all danger scoped in about five minutes.
- You love me and your dad. You light up for Grandpa Brad, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Susan and Auntie Mari. But you ADORE your cousin Isaiah. The other day at brunch you tried to bear hug him, even growling in an ursine manner. It was endearing. Strange, but endearing.
- Eight teeth. When you get tired, you bite. Hard. In fact, I think it's how you ask for demand the boob. I've been trying to teach you sign language but it's not working. I've taken to plopping you on your butt and walking away when you bite. Your reaction is one of indignant outrage.
- You love to laugh. It's always been loads of fun zooming around the store in a shopping cart and I can usually get you going with tickles. But the joke du jour involves the hand pump for my yoga ball. I make it blow air at my face, then yell, "No! Bad pump! No blowing air at mommy!" But it does it again! Cheeky air pump! You think it's all high-larious.
- You have tried all sorts of food. You like BBQ'd chicken and ribs. You ate a good chunk of my sandwich the other day, even though it had hot mustard. I don't dare insult you with baby food anymore.
- You've started doing that leg-bop dancing thing that babies do when songs with beats come on. It's a little late to be just starting to dance, maybe, but they don't play a lot of music on CBC Radio One.
- You've really taken to the dog and when I give you a cookie, you invariable toss it at her. So she likes you lots, too. She's also got a back end shaped like an aircraft carrier, though, so we may have to lay off the cookies.
- Sleep. Well, it's no different, but it's no worse. You nurse a couple of times a night. You wake up at 4:20'ish every morning and about 50% of the time I can convince you to go back to sleep. I think it's time to cut out nighttime feedings, though. I'll miss the little snuggle, but I'm looking forward to a longer stretch of uninterrupted slumber. It's been 11 months. I've earned it, and so have you.

We love you so intensely, Doodles, our Boogs. There is so much that I can't express properly, here. Know that you're throughly entertaining. We laugh a lot, more often with you now. You are enjoying the heck out of summer (when the weather allows), and I am therefore enjoying it so much more, too.


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Blogger notquiteawake ~ 5:18 AM

He's so adorable. I love the video you posted on FB of him eating. The part where he looked at the food he had in his hand, gave it a good scowl, and then tossed it on the floor, was priceless.  

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