Saturday, June 12, 2010


My first week working on a hospital unit was such an intense experience. Whenever I closed my eyes last night, I'd get bombarded by a flood of little details in uncomfortable, overly bright, overly loud clips, like brain zaps. My instructor walking down the hallway in her black maternity scrubs. My hand smoothing the surface of a bed. Warm water running over latex gloves. A sweater with balls of wool, dentures swimming in murky water, the smell of bath day. The hum of a lift. The cry of a resident. The laugh of a fellow nursing student. The taste of cinnamon toast from the cafeteria. The smell of a leg losing the battle to diabetes.

Today is better. I'm tired but at least my brain is calming down. I know one thing: I chose correctly. I am really going to enjoy my new career and I am even considering a specific direction. I can't tell you how cool it was to watch an RN puzzle out the bandaging of a complicated wound. I'm thinking about eventually specializing in ostomy and wound care.

I think Mac did okay while I was away. He took the bottle and did fine on formula (though I gotta say, he pooped a TON more on formula. Big, messy poops, too. You know, comparatively). He got to do a lot of cool things with new people and I think that the break was healthy for both of us. I sure did miss him, though. In truth, I'm struggling with the idea of putting him in daycare this fall. So long as I'm moving towards this degree and remain a full-time student at least on paper, what's the rush? I'm enjoying being a mom and it's kind of once-in-a-lifetime, whereas this is my second degree for my second career. Maybe I can afford to slow it down a little, even if it means money's tight for a few years. It might be worth it.

I dunno. Still chewing on it.

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Blogger Schmutzie ~ 9:45 AM

I'm barely maternal, and yet my heart leaps to the Mac side, because babies grow up so freaking fast, it's incredible.

It's so good to hear that nursing is such a good fit for you!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 8:01 PM

That feeling of making the right decision is great, It'll keep you going when you feel like giving up.

I'm glad that clinical is going well!!!


Blogger Momma Pants ~ 9:38 AM

Wound care? You need to listen to this:

Go to the Upside of Irrationality and play that segment. The whole thing is good, but what I am thinking of for you is about 2/3 of the way through-- after the discussion on global warming.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:45 PM

Good, Now I know where to bring my child when he/she has an ewy gewy cut or scrape. I look forward to it.  

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