Saturday, June 19, 2010


For the first time in 11-months, Mac slept through the night. He woke up at 4:20 and even went back down for another hour but I don't care. It counts. I wish I could say I also slept through the night but I didn't. I woke up several times convinced something was terribly wrong. Post traumatic stress disorder, I think they call it?

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:20 PM

Baby sleeping through the night is one of the most exciting and scary times.... Exciting because THEY SLEPT THROUGHT THE NIGHT!!!! Scary because you wake up with a start and think OMG WHAT HAPPENED!!! And you run down the hall to make sure that they are alright..... (at least that is what I did the first night that Mac's Dad slept through the night)
Mom A  

Blogger Brika ~ 9:46 AM


Yeah, sometimes you have to retrain your own sleep after so much night-waking.  

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