Monday, May 03, 2010

Tired But Standing

We just witnessed Mac's first ever real full-blown temper tantrum. There was lots of fake crying and scrunching of eyes and throwing of tupperware across the room (with associated flying puffed wheat) and he does this thing where he throws himself backward, hard, so his head hits the floor with a meaty thud. He lies there in a fake stun before unleashing the fake wails of fake tragic injury.

What set him off this time? I dunno; we ignored him or hurt his feelings or he's just crusty from WAKING UP AT A GOD AWFUL HOUR EVERY DAMN MORNING. Trevor and I decided 4:45 AM is just the new normal and we'd better stop complaining and adjust. Maybe we'd even start going to the 6AM CrossFit. This morning, however, was a big ol' adjustment fail. Mac is angry, we're tired, words have been spoken and CBC has been yelled at more often than usual.

I don't want to give the sleep thing too much focus anymore because I think that's what helped make it A Big Thing. And there are good signs - Mac is napping solidly during the day. He puts himself to sleep regularly with minimal crying. I dream feed him at my bedtime and he sleeps through until 3AM'ish so I'm getting five hours in a row now. Not bad. Not bad at all. I just wish we were morning people. But we'll fake it 'til we make it.

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