Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Injured List... Again

"So what happened this time?" my doctor asked, peeling off my bandaging job. Mac sat still for once, wide eyed at her hijab and stethoscope.
"I put my tea on the table where it would have been out of reach last week." I didn't add that I was right there, and that I only dared to look away for half a second. Just like I looked away for half a second when he launched himself backwards off of the stairs yesterday. I barely caught him and wrenched the damaged ligaments of my wrist. My wrist was the reason I'd booked the appointment, only then the tea incident happened. Burned baby trumps wrist.
"Did you take him to see anyone?"
"Like, the hospital?"
She nodded.
"No, because his last burn was worse than this and they just told us to take him home. And the HealthLine called social services last time, so I didn't bother calling them."
"Oh yes, I remember. How did you treat this one?"
"Aloe vera gel and that non-adhesive bandaging."
"Yes, I see. Okay, I am not worried about it. You made the bandage a little tight so I would loosen it and maybe not use so much. It's only that spot on the shoulder so it doesn't really need to wrap around the entire torso like that. Also, I will give you some cream to take down any pain or itching."

I could spend more paragraphs lamenting my stupidity. But I stand by my parenting. I may be learning the hard way, but I am learning. No tea on low surfaces. No stairs unless my eyes are superglued to him. When he toddles off at full speed in that drunken Frankenstein's monster way of his, I'll be right behind him, arms open and ready for the catch. I've learned my lesson so hard that I even ordered the little dude a helmet online and he will wear it and he will be made fun of by, well, everyone. Even the dog is going to laugh at him. But dammit, I'm going to be a good parent here. For once.

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Blogger Risa ~ 10:16 PM

There's a kid at our daycare that wears a helmet for the same reasons and G is in love him. And frankly, G's a catch. Maybe she thinks he's dangerous? It's not the end of the world. Don't beat yourself up over it. For each injury there's a thousand times when you made his life better then it would be if you weren't there.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:55 AM

G is most definitely a catch. Thank you for assuring me that the helmet is more than safety, it's a legitimate fashion choice.  

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