Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marital Conversations

TREVOR: Oh my god.
TREVOR: (laughing hysterically) You can't be serious. Our poor child.
WORKING: It's for his own good!
TREVOR: Okay, but only around the house. Not when we go to visit people. And please not around your family.
WORKING: They'd understand. They've met Mac.
TREVOR: Still....
WORKING: Look, if there's lots of people around he won't need to wear it. This is for when I'm home alone and I need to get stuff done and can't helicopter parent him. Just a little extra precaution and just until he grows into his mobility. And for outside in the yard, like on the concrete pad and steps.
TREVOR: It's just... (clicks on picture again, both reduced to fit of giggles) Oh god, that kid even looks like Mac. You know he's going to hate us for this when he's older.
WORKING: Fine, let the record show that Dad tried to preserve his coolness while Mom nerded him out for the sake of safety.

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