Sunday, May 02, 2010

Marital Conversations

(Mac just crawled by carrying my socks in his mouth. Further evidence of who he takes after most. The dog, that is)

4:45 AM on Sunday morning. Mac climbs on Trevor's face and stomp-kicks Working in the neck.

WORKING: Oh. My. Gawd.
TREVOR: Do we have any baby chloroform?
TREVOR: Right. Forgot to pick some up at the Walmart Super-whatever.
WORKING: We still have recalled Tylenol and Motrin products. They're supposed to be higher than regular doses....
TREVOR: I'll just get up.
WORKING: (to Mac) Don't worry, Daddy's not leaving.
TREVOR: I'm just going to buy a pack of cigarettes. Be back later, I swear.
WORKING: Oh no you don't, buddy. If you're going to "buy a pack of cigarettes", I'm coming with you.

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