Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Mac: Ten Months Old

Oh Mac'doodles. My cheeky, sun-shiny, complicated little man with your toothy smile and sparkling blue eyes and a temper that sends the dog running for the back door. I do adore you at this age. You are becoming so interesting.

  • You've started growing more hair and accordingly have started tugging at the crown of your head when you nurse to sleep.
  • You haven't gained a single pound in a month, but you're also running around so much that I'm not surprised.
  • We swear to God you said "Charlie" this morning. If you repeat it, then we will accept it; your first word was an homage to the dog. So not surprised.
  • When I'm walking you in the backpack or even in the stroller, I can't see your face but I can I see people passing me with huge grins. That's because your smile is irresistible. There's a whole lotta trouble behind that smile.
  • Face it, you're accident prone. Your head is banged up enough to match Grandpa B's (almost). You have a twoonie-sized burn on your right shoulder thanks to an incident with my hot tea. I'm so worried about you that I bought you a baby helmet and everyone is either laughing at me or shaking their heads at my cruelty.
  • With your blond hair, mischievous grin, and predisposition for dramatic self-injury, we've taken to comparing you to Calvin.
  • You are a morning person, often ready to go at 4:30AM. You are not, therefore, a late afternoon person. Holy hell, that's when I get to see the devil inside. I've taken to timing our walks for just after your last nap of the day so that I don't do something drastic like lock you in the garage. You're happy if we're moving. Bedtime is 6:30PM and God help us if we keep you up late.
  • Other than the early mornings, you're a good sleeper. Hear that? 10 months in and I'm finally calling you a good sleeper! There are still a couple of feedings a night, but they're short and you're happy to resume sleeping as quickly as possible.
  • You're turning into a good little eater, too. Tonight you downed scrambled egg 'n cheese, a jar of prunes, a half a banana, a handful of wheat puffs and stars, and half a bowl of 'yellow' soup. I sure do miss the baby poops, though, I gotta say.
  • We love to make you laugh but today you turned it around; you raspberried my cheek and I burst out laughing. You were so pleased with my reaction that you did it a couple of times. Ease up on the drool and I think you really got something.
  • Your most joyful moments involve flicking the light switch to watch the light go on and off. Any light.
  • You have seven teeth. You can motor up and down the stairs. You understand the word "no". You spend a lot less time drowning in the tub. And your walking is coming along. You are looking less and less like a baby as you move into toddlerhood.
My days are full. Very full. But I can't think of any better way to spend them.

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