Monday, April 26, 2010

Social Life on Horizon?

Sorry the posts on this blog have been so sparse. To summarize, we've been either sick or just plain exhausted over the last few months. Add finals to that and you'll maybe understand why I haven't had a creative bone in my body. Sure, I have lots of other bones, as I've been trying desperately to learn in Anatomy / Physiology. But no creative ones (though I've always adored the term "xyphoid process". And I love the beauty of the sphenoid bone. Very creative).

So, at great risk of jinxing it, last night we had a glimmer of what our future might hold in terms of Mac and sleep. We had a sleepless and desperate Saturday night / Sunday morning, followed by lots of enforced napping and last night, a full 12-hour night with only two feedings. Today, no less than three hours of napping and he put himself to sleep just now at 6:30PM.

The trick for the boy, it seems, is lots of napping and an early bedtime and no deviation from this, even if one of us has to leave the party. I know my family must roll their eyes at how obsessive we've become about his sleep, but the byproduct of his NOT sleeping have been neglected pets, foggy, uncreative brains, half-assed and shabby attempts at maintaining the household, and an unhappy marriage with us snapping at each other all the time. Not to mention the low self-esteems from missing CrossFit and reaching constantly for quick calories just to stay awake.

So now that we're heading in the direction of something that works, you can see why we'd cling to it like a life preserver. And things are definitely looking up. This kid loves his sleep and we love when he sleeps and we love when we sleep and then we love when we're all happily rested and awake and having fun together. I'm starting to have daydreams; if he is going to continue to sleep this successfully, it's possible we may be able to install a sitter and actually leave the house. Together.

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Blogger Brika ~ 9:11 AM

Better to be obsessed about something that works than obsessed about trying to find a solution.

Either way you're obsessed with baby sleep. :)  

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