Monday, April 12, 2010


WORKING: Do you think I'd look good as a redhead?
TREVOR: Yeah, I think you'd look good.
WORKING: I might go red next appointment.
TREVOR: How red?
WORKING: I don't know. Not too, too light but definitely red. I get freckles in the summer so it might be a good summer look.
TREVOR: You've been red before.
WORKING: Yeah, but more burgundy. You know, darker.
TREVOR: Yeah. And I don't think dark works for you.
WORKING: Yeah, I think definitely lighter.
TREVOR: It'd look good.
WORKING: Wait, did you just say you don't think dark works for me?
WORKING: You just said you don't like me in dark hair.
WORKING: You did so!
TREVOR: No! I meant not as much!
WORKING: You hate me in dark hair and I've had dark hair for years. Most of our relationship in fact.
TREVOR: That's not what I meant! I like your dark hair!
WORKING: Wow, you really screwed yourself there, buddy.
TREVOR: Well at least someone's screwing me.
WORKING: Good one. High-fives.

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Anonymous Tracey ~ 9:05 AM

Sounds just like conversations Tyler and I have. Fun.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 3:04 PM

Except I rarely get congratulated for my not-getting-any-action zingers.  

Anonymous Tracey ~ 8:41 AM

Weel Tyler that is because you get it 4x a day.  

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