Friday, March 19, 2010


TREVOR: Remember when you said we were going to throw a party on his first birthday to celebrate that we all survived the year?
TREVOR: We should changed it to a celebration that he survived us.
WORKING: Agreed.
TREVOR: (looking at Mac) Holy crap, you're lucky.

We're completely out of sorts today due to lack of sleep. I didn't know Trevor had gone out to the garage. He thought I'd heard him leave. Neither of us were watching. Mac crawled into the office, which we usually keep closed but, well, perfect storm. When I heard the crash and the screaming, I ran into the office and found Mac on all fours, several poster-sized picture frames piled on his back, surrounded by big shards of broken glass.

Turns out he just had a few nicks on his head that barely bled and a tiny slice on his little finger that required a mini bandage. But to think how it could have gone... holy crap. Holy crap. Holy. Crap. Parenting fail.

(Another disadvantage of breast feeding: you can't pour yourself a stiff whatever when things like this happen)

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Anonymous James ~ 9:41 AM


Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 10:10 AM

I had to go through all the swears I know to understand what you typed.  

Anonymous Tracey ~ 2:08 PM

I understood it righ away ;) and, ditto.

Must have been so scary. But you are awesome parents. Kids get into things. Especially boys (I'm told). I turn my back for 0.000004 seconds and my kids has climbed from the chair and onto the kitchen table, is standing there ready to jump. No son. Please!

Would be funny to see the trouble our kids would get into if they hang out.... dare we try???  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:15 PM

Don't forget - I dropped your husband on his head at 4 mos, and fractured his skull, and his father ran over him when he was 4 or 5, and you have seen the cut on his leg...... somehow, they survive in spite of us......
Mom A.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:22 PM

Um, yes Tracy! We dare try!

Mom A., I actually thought about that and it gave me comfort. I'm sure similar things happened to all of us as kids, but dad doesn't remember and mom, well...

-- working  

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