Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Mac: Eight Months Old

As I type this, you're sitting on the kitchen floor yelling, "aiyiyiyiyiyiyiy!" at the top of your lungs. Soon I'll hear, "oh Maaaac!" which means you made it to the dog's water dish again. Our kitchen floor has never been so consistently clean.

So here's what eight months old looks like:
  • Your vocalizations are increasing in sophistication. My favourite is "dadadyedyedadyeagigga," said while sticking your tongue out the side of your mouth. My least favourite is your high-pitched, lingering shriek. I can't even get my voice to go high enough to mimic it so you know what it sounds like to other people's ears.
  • You sure can crawl when you're in a rush to get somewhere (i.e. dog's water dish), but you prefer to be standing. You've learned to walk along things and you've started letting go....
  • Of the four top teeth that have been threatening to emerge, only one has, giving you a wide, lopsided smile. Said tooth looks like it comes from my side of the family. There are probably braces are in your future.
  • One afternoon when I was putting you down, I flung the sheet over us so that it floated down around us like a parachute. You. Loved. It. You shrieked and vibrated with giddiness. So now you grab the sheets and yank them over your face over and over when I'm trying to nurse you. More parachute game! I say go to sleep already.
  • You just crawled by me at top speed. You're probably going to the bathroom. You love the tub, especially when we're in it. Splashing us to get a reaction is the height of comedy right now.
  • Food is still hit and miss. One morning you spit your applesauce at me and then devoured my lunch (I was hungry, too. Not fair).
  • You just crawled over to me, pulled yourself up, and bit me in the thigh.
  • You still seem indifferent to your peers, but you have warmed up to the extended family. You give open-mouth kisses to your aunties and your cousin. I've never gotten a kiss. Neither has your dad. Unless bites are like super kisses? I bet that's totally what they are.
  • You have the chunkiest, most delicious thighs. And eczema.
  • When I put you down on your bed and start adjusting my shirt for a feeding you get so excited that you start kicking and flapping and yelling and then you roll into position and do this fake cough thing. The fake cough also punctuates crocodile tears, as in I am so upset that I am now DYING from The Consumption (cough! cough!).
  • You're now standing at the TV. You're going after the DVDs again. You're obsessed with Lawrence of Arabia. Your dad thinks you have an appreciation for the epic films of David Lean. I think it's big and gold coloured.
  • You've shown interest in your dad's fledgling puppet shows. I think this makes him very happy.
  • You also like when he chases you. You play this crawling chase game that gets you shrieking.
  • He just left the room to go into the office and you went chasing after him. You like your dad a whole lot. But I still get the full-on sunshine smiles.

You are so much fun right now. You really are. I miss you when you're sleeping.

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Blogger notquiteawake ~ 9:00 AM

I know you're supposed to say that your friends babies are cute because it's a rule but Mac is so CUTE! For reals. Probably the cutest baby I know right now. Or ever.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 10:10 AM

Thank you! I take full credit as the baby baker ;)  

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