Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday I turned 34 in style, if that style is a chaotic, crazy, scrambling mess.


10 AM go for brunch with my sister because we have loads of time to do the video project that I've been sitting on for months and is due tomorrow.

11 AM Mac only slept a half hour. Huh. Interesting.

2 PM Working starts to cut and hack at video project. Trevor prevents Mac from disassembling the house.

3 PM Mac only slept for another half hour. He seems stuffed up?

5 PM Mac a mess. Won't eat, won't play. Working realizes the video project is huge. Stresses out.

5:30 PM Trevor locks bathroom door from the outside, bath running. 10 minutes of panic. Words are exchanged.

6PM Trevor and Working not speaking to each other. They switch out spots in the edit suite (read: laptop on a desk in the office). Working attempts to feed and bathe Mac. Puts him down.

7PM Working makes peace offering (dill pickle chips). Settle down to work.

7:30PM Working trying to record stand ups and voiceovers for video. Mac wakes up. Can't breathe.

8:30 PM Mac wakes up. Can't breathe.

9 PM Schedule alert beeps on Working's laptop. Wait, what's that? Process Analysis project DUE TOMORROW?!?!?!

9:30 PM Working freaking-the-frack out. Mac wakes up. Can't breathe.

10 PM Trevor starts cutting second project, cobbled out of first project that is still underway.

10:30 PM Mac wakes up. Still can't breathe. Working realizes second project requires full paper with sources. Starts to cry a little.


12:00 AM Mac wakes up. Trev and Working still working.

1:00 AM Mac wakes up. Trev and Working eat leftover banana chiffon cake. Trevor gives Working her birthday gift "in case you're in a bad mood in the morning." It's a book and a gift certificate for a massage. Working loves it. They embrace, briefly, then return to their stations.

2:00 AM Mac wakes up. Trev and Working decide there will be time to finish in the morning. Go to bed.

2:30 AM - 5:00 AM Mac finally sleeps held upright by Working in the recliner. Working does not sleep.

5:00 AM Trevor takes Mac, Working sleeps.

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM Working and Trevor actually finish two separate videos plus papers AND references pages. Mac miserably clings to Working's leg, screaming and blowing snot bubbles, as Working tries to tape up the packages.

11 AM Working realizes, "we better get cleaning." TV crew scheduled to come at 1:30 PM to borrow house for a shoot.

12:00 PM TV crew arrives. Working got the time wrong. Mad race to shove things into closets. Hair and Make-up lady holds Mac.

1:00 PM Leave house to deliver projects off at school and post office and go to meeting at bank.

2:30 PM Sister calls. Mac is a screaming mess, has been since we left him with her. Working suggests to take him outside. It works (Trick Learned Hard Way #235).

3:00 PM Collapse on sister's couch and eat Korean food. Mac settles into a full-blown, coughing, snot ejecting cold. The end.

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Anonymous James :( ~ 11:29 AM

THERE IS NO GOD! (man oh man!!!)  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 8:18 AM

Jeeze. I wish I would say I know how you feel but I have no idea. Great job getting everything done though!  

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