Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growth Spurt

Mac has progressed so much in the last few weeks that I felt it deserved a special update. He took to crawling pretty quickly. Upside: he's less frustrated because he can explore on his own.

Downside: he has a passion for computer cables, power cords and the dog's water dish.

Upside: he's a lot more worn out come nap time.

Downside: he's a lot more wound up come night time. I swear he did flips for an hour before finally falling asleep last night. Then he resumed at 3AM.

Upside: he can go bug the dog now (she is thrilled about this).

Downside: he can come bug me, now. I now spend a good chunk of my day with a 7 month-old clinging to my pant leg and screeching (when I pick him up, he screeches to be put down, so I do, wash, rinse, repeat).

Upside: he can climb up onto his own bed now (futon).

Downside: getting off said bed? Face plant every time.

Upside: he can pull himself to standing! So cute!

Downside: he can pull himself to standing. The days of leaving my coffee on the coffee table, or anything on anything, are coming to an end.

Upside: Crawling distracts him from his teething woes.

Downside: One way it distracts him is that he can sneak up on me by crawling under the table and chomp on my toes. It freakin' hurts.

Upside: he can come to me to get a rice cookie.

Downside: he's under my feet when I accidentally drop things, like icing sugar.

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Anonymous James ~ 2:58 PM

Jesus, he'll be applying for college next blog update.  

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