Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Mac: Seven Months Old

Note: Thanks for coming back after my long'ish absence. I cheated a little on Blogger to see if my blog would work better in another place with more security controls, but after half a month I let my subscription lapse. I guess I'd rather restrict my topics than pay to have my blog restricted. No worries; I still have plenty to say that will fit well in this space. Trevor still says ridiculous hilarious things all the time. And Mac keeps growing up.

Mac, Macklin, Doodles, Booger. This month we've really noticed you're growing. Not just bigger, older. For one, you started crawling, if crawling means sticking your butt in the air on your tip-toes, swiveling your hips around, and plopping down a quarter of a foot from where you started. It gets you across a room, albeit slowly, so we'll call it crawling. Really it's more like you're trying to stand up.

Because you're moving, the jolly jumper is out. The exersaucer is so last week. The swing is gathering dust in the basement. Your favourite toys consist of maybe this toy train, my massager (which is always lying on the floor, and yes I do make sure to unplug it) and whatever I'm holding at any given moment. Pen, computer, textbook, dog brush, you name it. I usually just let you have it. I'm a - whatchamacallit - "free range" kind of parent. Prepare to walk yourself to kindergarten.

You have four teeth coming in on top. White, angry looking ridges that give you bright red cheeks and cause you to alternate between nursing and gnawing on my finger (better my finger). I hope they come through soon and then give us a break for awhile.

You are still not crazy about food. I've noticed it goes down better if I mix it with milk, but even still, lukewarm response at best. I predict you're going to skip baby food and crawling altogether. One day you'll suddenly stand up, walk to the kitchen and grab an apple, maybe throw a pizza in the oven.

Sleep. Well, you've never once slept through the night, but maybe it's my fault for setting that as the standard from the start. I set us both up for failure. Let's say instead that you have good nights where you wake up maybe twice for feedings and go back to sleep right away and sleep in until 7AM, like last night, and bad nights where you wake up every hour and then up for good at 4AM. I haven't figured out what the key is. Teething? Growing? Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen? Anxiety about maxing our RRSP contributions this year? (we won't, if that relieves your mind)

One thing - we moved you to a futon on the floor of your very own room (after I broke the crib and then you pitched head first off of our bed onto the hardwood). This allows me to go to bed at my leisure and then join you later in the night. We have a nice cuddle, not bothered by your dad's insane work hours.

You've always loved the dog and this month maybe the dog has started showing signs of seeing you as more than just a loud, stinky, shrieking attention-sucker. Your auntie said that Charlie tried to get in between her and you when she was babysitting. I like to think Charlie was protecting you but it's probably more likely that Charlie thought you were hogging too much attention yet again.

Now, I don't mean to embarrass you son, but you have really, really bonded with your, um 'doover' as your dad calls it (that's what he and his brothers called it). When I leave you naked, which is often, you will spend a good chunk of your time, um, 'occupied' down there, staring off into space. It's so cute. It's like holding it helps you think. I believe in having a healthy relationship with all of your working parts, so have at it (don't make me regret that decision).

Later I'll probably remember a million other things I wanted to write down to remember this month, but for now this is you. Seven months. You are changing so quickly and we can sure see the little boy coming out in your features. You are such a thoughtful, observant kid, but also as stubborn as a bull, as strong as a bull, and sometimes just as graceful (your poor head). Your smile lights up the room. Your laughter adds to the warmth of our house.

We sure do love you, kid.


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