Friday, February 19, 2010


It's five in the morning. I'm awake against my will. I refuse to indulge this kind of behavior, so Mac is playing on the floor beside me in the dark. Babies who wake up at 4:45 AM don't get lights.

It's not his fault four teeth are trying to come through at the same time. It's not his fault rice cereal gives him gas. It's not his fault that I have a month's worth of homework that needs doing and a house that needs cleaning and a gym that needs Crossfitting and, one again, I won't have the energy to accomplish any of it. And it's not his fault that when he eventually does go back to sleep, I will lay in the dark staring at the ceiling.

But I still resent him. There, I said it.

A friend posted that her just-turned-one year-old slept for twelve hours. I don't know if I can do five more months of this. Oh, and time's already up; I have to cut this short because babies who don't go to bed until 10PM and wake up at 4:45 AM aren't particularly happy babies. Part of me wants to let him holler so that his dad feels some of my pain, but the good wife part of me knows that Trev is working a double shift today. And if I'm good to him today, he'll be good to me tomorrow (Saturday!).


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