Sunday, January 24, 2010


I feel pretty good.
I feel better than good!
This is kind of easy, actually. I'm so glad I went off the happy pills. Soooo the right decision (pat on back).

Oh my god I still feel good and there's a lot to do today HEY! Let's totally go to CrossFit -
Honey, it's a green light. You can go.
- oh right ha and really that's the workout? Yikes. Oooh, head rush!
You were saying?
It's so funny I can't remember ha ha I lost my train of thought oh wow these pushups really are tough but at least I don't feel so woozy yeah working out really helps hey wanna stop by Ukr. Coop Peavey Mart Old Fashioned Foods-
Honey, it's a green light again. You can go!
- oh right ha and maybe endorphins are replacing the hormones in my head and everything's going to be just fine mmmmm more cupcakes -
Wrong lane! Wrong lane!! You're driving into oncoming traffic!
- oh whoops ha ha what was I saying I can't remember but maybe you should drive for the rest of the night POP POP!!! Ow. That was my brain.

No sleep.
Sick. Throw up?
No. Eat something. No.
Exercise. Shovel? Still blizzarding, pointless.
I can't find my cell phone.
I can't find my thyroid pills.
I can't find.... What was I looking for?
Feed the dog. Dog was fed? No yes no.
Eyes won't focus. Head spacey.

Mac, are you feeling this too?

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