Tuesday, January 12, 2010

En Francais

"Hello. Can I please speak to Trevor?" It's a guy with thick Quebecois accent.
"He's not at home. He's at work. Can I take a message?" What the hell?!? Am I actually talking with a French accent?
"Can I leave a message?"
"Of course! Let me just get a pen." Again! Cut it out! "Go ahead."
"If you could please have him call Michel...."
"Actually," Great. Now I sound like I'm trying NOT to speak with a French accent, "he has a cell phone. Do you have the number?" Better, better. Hold it steady....
"Is it xxx-xxxx?"
"Non, that's actually my cell number," crap. "His is xxx-xxxx."
"Okay, thank you."
"Pas de probleme." So. Embarrassed.

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