Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Everyone is suffering from Christmas / New Years overload by this point, so I won't dwell, except to say that family made it special. And Mac is a nice addition to said family.

In other news, I have 10 chapters of Anatomy to cover in the next three weeks. It's a nearly impossible goal and one I could probably get out of if I really wanted to. It's tempting to call the testing centre and plead, oh I don't know, H1N1. But I've always worked best under pressure and I just want this class to be over and so it's tally ho.

Besides, I think harsh discipline is a nice antidote for the indulgence of December (and I indulged. Oh boy). I'm reformed, a nose to the grindstone kind of girl now. Here's to the goals of 2010: passing my classes, getting some sleep, taking more pictures and maybe having a little fun once in awhile.


p.s. Mac likes to latch onto whatever part of me he can reach when I'm putting him to sleep. Usually it's the inside of my arm. I let him because, frankly, I'll do anything now to get him to sleep. But I just noticed a huge hickey on my chin. Right there for the world to see, can't cover it up. I look like I got all kissey-face with the vacuum cleaner. Time to put a stop to it, y'think?
p.p.s. Dammit! As soon as I wrote about it, I completely forgot about it and went to the grocery store. With my hickey on my face.

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