Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uh Oh

TREVOR: I have a feeling his first words are going to be, "uh ohhhhh...".

The week could not end soon enough. I caught some sort of throat infection, my second knock-me-on-my-butt cold in as many months, just when I'm trying to pull together my last assignments for the Fall / Winter semester.

Then, The Incident. I was at the doctor's getting tested for strep when Trev texted me: He just slammed his head into the heater.

"The heater" is the third in a series that we've bought to try and keep Doodles warm when he's having naked time. This one had the advantage of not blowing gales of hot air, so it didn't dry out his sensitive skin as much. But it also tended to get really, really hot to the touch and it didn't have the screen that ceramic heaters have, for example.

And Mac has learned to roll over in recent weeks.
See where this is going?

When Trevor turned away to reach for a diaper, Mac suddenly rolled over with gusto and smacked his head into the ridges on the oil-filled, blazing hot space heater. By the time I got home, the burns on his head had blistered significantly and we discovered more on each of his hands. I called Health Line. She asked me A LOT of questions. I mean, I pretty much had to get out a measuring tape and a protractor. Her advice: take him to the ER.

The ER sure jumps when you say "I burned my baby". There was almost no wait for us. Mac, meanwhile, was perfectly fine, smiling, nursing, entertaining the entire waiting room with shrieks and coos.

The prognosis was good, the treatment simple. Just second degree burns and aside from a rather severe "Harry Potter" scar across his forehead, hopefully no permanent damage. Then they told us to wait a minute because Social Services and Child Justice wanted to talk to us....

I guess the Health Line tipped off the police. They do that in any case like this where a baby is involved, particularly if you say "his dad was watching him". Poor Trevor. But our interviews lasted all of 30 seconds and we were free to go, with profuse (and unnecessary) apologies. I guess our story jived with the distinct shape of the radiator grill marks seared into his head.

Trevor feels so, so bad. But when I ask him to list off the litany of injuries he survived, as did his brothers*, I gather he feels a bit better.

*these consist of poisonings, fires, falls, being kicked in the head by a horse, and being run over by an Econoline van. Trevor really needs to start his own blog with some of those stories. It's a miracle he lived to procreate. Is it a boy thing?

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Blogger Tyler ~ 12:01 PM

I recall a Simpsons episode where Bart visited an Evel Kneivel-style pro daredevil in the hospital and received the following advice: "Broken bones heal, chicks dig scars."  

Blogger Naomi ~ 3:06 PM

I use the health line a lot... I didn't take Edie out for a couple of days after she fell of the bed and had grill-like heating vent bruises on the side of her head. But I did take a picture. We can see if she matches Mac!

Glad to hear all's well that ends well!  

Blogger Jack ~ 4:57 PM

I remember when one of our girls was only about 2.5 years old or maybe 3, we were leaving the grandparents and she didnt want to go so my wife was holding onto her hand when the little one decide to throw her self down. Well mom had a good grip on her hand and didn't let go. POP goes the elbow.

Went to emergency, got in right away, I felt guilty and it wasn't even me. They said that it happens all the time, kids pulling tantrums in toy aisle. I was just glad it wasn't me who did it.

Then I did it to the other child a year or so later. Man talk about feeling sick and ashamed and guilty. We didn't have child services involved prolly because we just went to the hospital and it I think takes something a little more severe for them to get excited.

So Trevor, don't worry too much, if he gets a scar tell him he got it while his old man took him shark hunting.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 7:06 PM

Jack, you are the second person today to tell me about popping out a shoulder / elbow. It's gotta be so easy to do.

Naomi, thanks for reminding me to take a picture. I haven't yet. Course, all of this year's Christmas photos will be... interesting.

Tyler, it's true. Trevor has a nasty one. Makes him look like a tough guy. That is, when his pants are down (and that's all I'm going to tell you).  

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