Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brain Conversations

Conversation with my own brain as I was falling asleep the other night:

That was a good quote in that book.
It was.
I should write it down or mark it or something.
True. You can do that tomorrow.
I should have a better way to mark passages in the book for book club. Maybe stickies of some sort.
Let's worry about that tomorrow.
We don't have any stickies. Not the little kind that you use to mark in books.
Again, tomorrow. Goodnight.
I could grab a big yellow sticky note and kind of tear it up.
Yes, that would work. Goodnight!
Or I could cut it.
I could get the white scissors from the drawer and just pre-cut a bunch.
Yes! You could do that! Tomorrow! Now shut up!
It wouldn't be that hard.
This is the stupidest conversation EVER.
Then I could stick the stickies in the book exactly above any passage I want to remember.
I should blog this insanity.
I could start it with, "That was a good quote in that book" and then-

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Blogger Brika ~ 3:54 PM

Most of mine around that time used to be about potential plots in Battlestar Galactica. It's no wonder I kept dreaming about Edward James Olmos.  

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