Friday, November 06, 2009


A couple of you have reached out with words of comfort about the no-sleep situation. I really appreciate it. It's a difficult, humourless time right now, but I'm always aware that things could be a lot worse. This phase seems to be normal part of baby development. The best we can do is cope and hope the next night will be better.

Boy, it's hard to keep your head without sleep, though! I honestly don't know how any of you with insomnia survive. I have a whole new appreciation.

It's a sunny, warm day out there. I just enjoyed some spinach-spaghetti squash au gratin that Trevor made and later I'm going to pack up the Mac and go watch my 4 year-old nephew play his first game of soccer. And maybe, just maybe, there will some sleep going on around here tonight.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 8:23 PM

I would have said something cheery, honest, but ours is still waking up every 2 hours. I like to think it keeps me humble - otherwise I'd be grad student of the year for sure.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 11:45 PM

I remember going through this, coupled with my injury and thinking "I am tougher than a Navy Seal". I know it sounds strange, but that helped me. Think of how this is preparing you to work nights as a nurse. I have to be honest though when I look back now, I have am shocked how I made it though that difficult period. It was dark and scary. It made me stronger though. Deifnately.


Blogger Brika ~ 9:22 AM

I think the best part of the No Cry Sleep Solution is that part right near the end where they basically tell you: "These are all just ideas but do what you have to do and don't feel too bad about it."  

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