Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sick Day

I had a midterm today, so naturally Mac was sick-sick-sck. It was just the same, snot-filled cold at first but since he got his shots today, it turned into a fever-laced snot-filled cold that required that he be held in a bear hug at all times because screaming will be elevated to top levels should so much as a toe be moved.


On one hand I feel so bad for the little guy. On the other, I can't help but cheer a little to see his immune system in action. His little lymphocytes are kicking ass and taking names. The body is a beautiful thing (note: my midterm was Anatomy / Physiology).

I'd like to sing the praises of a few products. First, baby acetaminophen. Second, all things hydraSense.* The applicator on the the Ultra Gentle Mist stuff was so much easier than trying to get saline up his nose with a dropper. And my new favourite, the little snot-sucking gadget that I mentioned yesterday, is the coolest thing ever. It's super effective and you can actually see rivers of mucus 'vacate the premises'.

(And no, Tyler, no straw on hand pre-gadget so trust me, I'm ecstatic to have this in my arsenal now)

* I am in no way affiliated with this company. I just dig the product.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 7:29 PM

I have seen desperate parents use their own mouth to evacuate their children's noses. What you are doing is so hi-tech. dad  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 7:32 PM

Dad, read previous post. That's exactly what I did :)

Am I still invited to the Grey Cup party? Ha!  

Anonymous Tracey ~ 3:27 PM

Tyler and I have a similar gadget that sucks out AJ's snot. We have used it since he was 3 months old and we love it! It is the same idea but different in that it is electronic (battery operated) and plays music. We stick the rubbery end up his nose and press a button, it automitically sucks out everything, gently of course. There is another button on the side that when pressed plays the music to distract him. It is my favouritest purchase. The kid hates it but we love it cuz it works awewome. I don't see it sold anywhere anymore - I wonder if it was recalled for some reason...oh well still love it! And the Hydra mist saline spray - love it too! I can't beleive how mom-ish I've become.  

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