Saturday, November 14, 2009

Round Five

We took you to CrossFit. You started to fuss. I was about to give up my workout when fellow CrossFitter, A., who was sitting this one out, picked you up and told me to get back to work. 15 minutes into the workout I looked over and you were sound asleep. Some say A. has a magic touch. I think it's because she's both in law enforcement and the mother of two. You knew she wouldn't take any shit. Round five to A..

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Blogger Robin ~ 1:25 AM

It's true - she is magic - I've seen it many times with babies in carseats at CrossFit!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:37 AM

I had high hopes that he slept through the night after his cuddle with me. I try to find victory in all things I do:) He obviously needed to be held longer by moi. I must try again next time I see him!!!!


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