Friday, November 20, 2009

My Doodles

I used to wonder why it's such a big deal to get to go grocery shopping by yourself when you're a mother. Yeah, I get it now. I even treated myself to a ginger ale that was the best damn ginger ale I've ever had.

But as I was driving, I noticed that I already missed the kid. I enjoyed the feeling of missing him. It's good to step away and take a reading. It wasn't a mad panic to get home or anything, just a slight ache that there is now someone I love enough to miss, even when I'm only gone for an hour. [EDITED: Of course I love you this much, Trev. But I can usually go to Superstore without pining for you. I'm just saying]

As much as I complain about him, there's a permanent Doodles-shaped impression on my soul. And it's more than any schlocky Mother's Day card could ever convey. It's how when he turns his head a certain way, I can see his father in his face and I fall in love even more. Or when he makes a certain expression that sends a pulse down as deep as my own DNA.

I love those moments. Of course, there are other moments, like right now, when he's shrieking at the top of his lungs and peeing on his own face. Blog post-ending moments.

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