Sunday, November 08, 2009

More About Sleep

I don't check my stats, though, you should know that many of you come to mind when I'm writing. I really do feel like I'm writing to a bunch of friends. Hi Schmutzie! Hi Tyler and Tracy! Hi Ang D. and Leya from Crossfit! Robin and Aaron! Naomi and Dan! Hi Rick and Susan and Kerri! Hi Nancy! Hi sisters-in-motherhood, Nova and Risa! Hi Counting Sheep! Hi Chris, Brenda, Naomi, Dan! Love you, Dad, Sonja and Mari! Hi Nicole! Hi Jack and James and Laureen and Tina! Hi Dawn! And of course, hello my beloved husband.

And hello to all of you I haven't listed, but who I do think about, and of course those of you who I haven't met outside of the blogosphere. Judging by comments, you stop by consistently and it means a lot to me. I love comments. I read them religiously. Don't hesitate to say hello if you're stopping by.

So the kid, he still does not sleep. So many theories out there. I read somewhere about 4-month regression and it makes sense. It also makes sense that he's learning so many new things right now and his little brain can't settle down at night. Then it also makes sense that he's transitioning into big people sleep and therefore waking up at the end of each cycle. You and me, we just roll over, right? We don't even wake up. But maybe he does. Every theory makes perfect, logical sense. But knowing that does nothing to help me get any more sleep.

He freaks out. He thrashes. He kicks. He wants to nurse but he doesn't want to nurse. He wants his sucky but he doesn't want his sucky. And he certainly doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep yet.

Co-sleeping has helped in part. He starts out in his cradle and moves in with us somewhere in the middle of the night because it's just easier. But then he eats too much and pukes all over the bed, not to mention the increase in diaper malfunctions. It ends up with the three of us crammed over onto the 'dry half'. I'd say it's not a long-term solution. We're going to need a back up bed at this rate.

And we've become so obsessed with minutiae. "Maybe if we wrap him this way instead of that."
"Maybe if you rock him like this."
"Maybe if you use long shhhhhhhh's instead of short shhh's."
"Maybe if we turn his cradle an inch and a quarter towards true north..."

My fledgling mothering instinct says that he'll figure it out in his own time and that whatever we try to do is only to make ourselves feel better. Though, I may wean him off the sucky because he seems to enjoy his thumb and it would just be one less thing I have to wake up for (I have developed some mad find-the-sucky-in-the-dark skills). I may curse myself when it's time to wean him off the thumb.

We don't want to over think it, but after so many nights in a row of no sleep, I can see why parents are ready to try just about anything. I want that other baby back! The one we had a month ago! Only, then there wouldn't be baby laughs. And those are almost worth the lack of sleep.

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Blogger Chris ~ 11:18 AM

I recall it was around 4 months that Norah started to actually sleep on her own sometimes. However, the time from birth until, well, now, is so foggy that I could be wrong. Just know that it gets better -- so much better.

B and I used to joke about writing a book that outlined in great detail all of the possible sleep/feeding/etc scenarios regarding a baby, and every section would end with the same advice -- Wait. It will change. It will get better.  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 1:55 PM

I don't have any wise words of advice because I don't have kids but I like you so I thought I'd comment and say that. Plus your blog is awesome.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:39 PM

Hello Working.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 7:16 PM

Isn't interesting that the "dry half" otherwise known as the "wet spot" now means something else:) Either way no one wants to sleep in it.


Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:38 AM

hi Working! I think of you often too. I don't have kids, but I do know what it's like to suffer from severe lack of sleep - so I hope that you will all be sleeping well soon. See you at Christmas!


Blogger Brika ~ 9:24 AM

This is around the time that I wish I had remembered to schedule some regular help from someone who wasn't sleep deprived. Sometimes even just having say, Wednesday afternoon to look forward to, even when it's only Sunday can go a long way.  

Blogger Spaghetti Mom ~ 9:52 PM

Ugh, four months was a horrible age for us too. The no sleeping, the screaming...I don't think it's a coincidence I ended up on meds around that time.  

Blogger Robin ~ 1:24 AM

Hi back Monica! It really does get better... then I hear we get to be sleep deprived all over again when they're teenagers. :)  

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