Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marital Conversations

WORKING: Doodles, stop yelling!
TREV: Listen to your mother!
WORKING: Here. Have your Sophie. Take it! Don't turn your nose up, Sophie cost us $21!
TREV: $21?! We can't be spending that kind of money on a chew toy!
WORKING: Oh yes we can. It's non-toxic, hand-painted using baby-safe paint. And if it's something he's going to be chewing on all the time, I'd rather there were no chemicals.
TREV: Fine.
WORKING: And it was made in France, not China.
TREV: Does that mean we have to give it four months of holidays?

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Blogger Tyler ~ 1:31 PM

And all babies love Sophie. It's a scientific fact.  

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