Monday, November 09, 2009

Marital Conversations

TREV: Ooooh!
WORKING: Did he get you?
TREV: Puked all over me. (to Mac) You're a mess! I'm a mess! Your mom's a mess! This house is a mess! Our yard is a mess! All we need is a car up on blocks in our front yard.
WORKING: Come on, now, it's not that bad. Excuse me if we have other priorities right now.
TREV: At least I got all those cans to Sarcan today.
WORKING: Oh right! How much did we make?
TREV: $30. I bought a roast and some salad and we have $15 left over.
TREV: And by the way, they don't take glass jars.
WORKING: Oh really?
TREV: Nope.A guy with extreme bedhead told me that he'd take them this one time but that next time we have to go to the 'land field'.
WORKING: Er, you mean landfill?
TREV: Nope, he said 'land field.'
WORKING: Well, it probably makes perfect sense in his mind.
TREV: Yup. You have a field where farmers grow land. And where we put our garbage.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 9:01 AM

Go Green takes glass jars....  

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