Thursday, November 05, 2009

Marital Conversations

(Trev's having a bath in our tiny bathroom. I've put Mac in his bouncy chair facing the tub so I can brush my teeth)

TREV: Oh great. Now Kiwi's in here, too. Why doesn't the whole damn family just move in?!
WORKING: You'll never bathe alone again.
TREV: (to Mac) Daddy hasn't had an uninterrupted bath since his bachelor days.
(splash splash)
Do you think we could all live in here?
WORKING: In where?
TREV: In the bathroom.
WORKING: All of us? No.
TREV: Not all of us. Just me.
WORKING: Oh. Well, it's the size of a closet. So no?
TREV: I bet I could. The Murphy bed could pull down this way over the tub. When it's up, you could pull a little table down this other way...
(scrub scrub)
Course, it's kind of gross with a toilet in the middle of the room.
I bet the Japanese could find a way. They could do it.
(splash splash)
Hell, they'd probably find a way to put a hallway in here.

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