Sunday, November 29, 2009


TREV: I asked your family if they wanted to come over for Robbie Burns Day in January. I thought I'd try to make haggis.
WORKING: Really?
TREV: Yeah. Nancy said we should probably see if we can order the sheep's stomach from a butcher. Might be hard to find.
WORKING: We could try to order a whole haggis...
TREV: Yeah, she said that too. But I kind of wanted to cook.
WORKING: There are probably plenty of accompanying Scottish side dishes.
TREV: True! I could make oat cakes!
WORKING: Hm. Scottish cooking isn't very... dynamic, is it?
TREV: What are you talking about?! Oat cakes are delicious.
WORKING: We should also celebrate St. David's Day on March 1st. You know, for my side. It's no Robbie Burns Day, but the Welsh have parades.
TREV: Sure.
WORKING: Oh, listen: To celebrate this day, people wear a symbol of either a leek, or daffodil. The leek is patriotic, arising from an occasion when a troop of Welsh were able to distinguish each other from a troop of English enemy dressed in similar fashion by wearing leeks.
TREV: Seriously? "How do we tell each other apart?"
"We're the guys wearing the really big onions." The British soldiers standing next to them, looking at guys wearing big-assed onions on their shirts, wondering, WTF?
WORKING: Yup. Those are my people.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 9:10 AM

Faye's getting some lamb done soon at the butcher in Milestone... he'd probably save you a stomach.  

Blogger Trevor ~ 1:33 PM

I will certainly take that stomach!  

Blogger Trevor ~ 1:35 PM

Actually I need the heart, lungs and liver as well. Maybe have her give us a call please!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 2:36 PM

We can call her. I know the number.  

Anonymous Aaron ~ 6:56 AM

It was an historical misunderstanding. The old veteran sarge had advised his young charges that before going out on a mission or patrol, to take a leak. Well, everyone knows the hilarious hi-jinks that are brought on by homynyms!
Now you know the rest of the story.  

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