Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did I Just Do That?

I hesitate to post this because, well, how much of the truth should I tell?

Say it's 3AM. You're tired - no, exhausted. You wake up to the choking, gasping sounds of your infant trying to breathe through a plugged nose. He starts crying because every time he tries to suck his thumb, he can't breathe.

You take him downstairs so that at least your partner will get some sleep and relieve you in a few hours. You consider your arsenal: saline drops, one of those rubber aspirators with the nubby end, baby Tylenol and Kleenex. You get to work, squeezing, squishing, pinching, rubbing... and nothing works. Now the baby is screaming in between snot-filled wheezes. There is just no end to the snot and most of it isn't moving.

You sit and nurse (and surf Facebook) and think and think. What to do, what to do?

Well, I dreamed up a notion that evolved into an idea and became a plan and then before I knew it, a done deal. I will spare you the details, only say that it worked. My child breathed free and clear. And I don't think that I'm the first, because I found this at the drugstore. It was probably inspired by a desperate parent like myself.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 5:31 PM

Oh my gosh...thats all I can say...because I am laughing too hard...and a little...yucky! Wow, what you won't do for your child. I hope you got some sleep for that sacrifice.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 10:34 PM

Someone recommended I do that once... I'd need to know first how they got that baby to lay so still.  

Blogger Momma Pants ~ 10:34 PM

Which drug store? I want one!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:46 PM

us moms nod knowingly, you've passed a milestone grasshopper.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 11:05 PM

Anonymous 1, I know who you are. Naomi, he was so shocked he didn't move. I've done it again since, same thing. Momma Pants, Shoppers on Broad. Anonymous 2, thank god this is something other people do.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 1:52 PM

Did you use a straw?  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:08 PM

.....and if he is constipated??? :)


Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 7:31 PM

A., I'll do whatever I have to. And I'll blog about it.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 5:34 PM

I hope you post about it, I love it!

I laughed because I wonder if that contraption would work if your little guy was constipated.

Would you have the same faith in the "filter" if you used it.

I love parenthood:) My dad once gave mouth to mouth and compressions to my more than few days dead hamster, lmao! What we won't do for our suffering children.


Anonymous Tracey ~ 3:34 PM

I recommend long finger nails - especially on your pinky finger. That way you can really get in there for the hard boogers. I do this to my kid and once I've mined a good big chunk I show him, he screams, yells "ew ew eeeeeww!!!" and then I chase him around the house sticking my pinky out at him. Tyler dares to tell me I'm gross. There's no such thing when it comes to your own child. Although 'a' I don't know if I would suck poop out of his bum like you had done for your kid, or was it just a suggestion? Still, no.  

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