Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Mac: Four Months

(Wow, Mac dominates this blog. Tomorrow, tune in for something completely different! That means I have until tomorrow to figure out what that might be. But I have to write the ode to four months today - it's his lunaversary!)

You're four months old! Wow, four months. Really, only four months? Cuz it feels like we've known you for at least a year already. You're getting so big. Accordingly, we moved you into a crib today. "Evil pen of isolation and rejection" to some, "cozy, safe rolling-around place of comfort" to us. You're still in our room, so the cacophony of snoring that erupts from your dad and the dog should provide some familiarity tonight. And I'm particularly pleased that I don't have to maneuver around the cradle to get in and out of bed.

So new on deck:
  • You grew out of all your 3-6 month clothes.
  • You're laughing! It's so cute. Kind of deep, a little raspy, definitely giddy. Your eyes get so huge and round and seem to fill to the brim with happiness. And such dimples!
  • You use your hands so much more. When you nurse you play with my cheek, my chin, you stick your fingers up my nose and hook my lip. You love to pull my hair. You push my shirt up, pull it down, push it up, pull it down. When you fall asleep, your thumb is in your mouth while the other hand strokes my neck. Trev says you've started playing with his beard, too (hours of fun in that thing).
  • I can usually make you stop crying instantly if I pretend to eat your hands. You think it's hilarious.
  • You are using the potty. I shit (ha!) you not. We hold you over it, make a little sound and you let go, both poops and pees. Of course you still wear a diaper and you probably don't notice either way, yet, but we're hoping the potty will already be a natural part of your life by the time your awareness of such things kicks in.
  • You love-love-love the jolly jumper, especially if I clap my hands and cheer.
  • This isn't new, but I don't think I've mentioned it before; you love to be held (well, no kidding, you're a baby). What I mean is, you love to be perched on my arm, looking out at whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going. I tried you in the sling, no go. Baby Bjorn, nope. Basotho-style on my back, no thanks. You want to be perched on my left arm, which is now totally muscly, thank you very much.
  • You've started making strange with people a little. You don't cry, necessarily, but you stare at them with an overly serious face and no matter how hard they try, you're reserved with your smiles. I feel like I get to see a completely different kid from everyone else.
  • You've tasted a few different foods. No chunks, and just little tastes. So far nothing has really gotten you overly excited. Solids are probably a ways away.
  • You may or may not be teething.

Well, I'm off to gaze at you in your new crib again. You look so small, which is nice, because it felt like you were growing too fast for awhile, there.


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