Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Please note:

1. Boobs leak, particularly at night, and especially if you forget to insert those absorbant pads.
2. Breast milk stains.
3. Laundering can't always get out those stains.
4. The stains show up really well on solid colours, like black.
5. The worst time to remember all of this this is when you're standing in the middle of a packed CrossFit class, and you look down....
6. Never fear; if you turn your shirt backwards, you'll just look like you just have weird back sweat. And that's considerably better.

* * *

In other news, today is the day that Mac had his first taste of solid food. He licked my apple. He liked it. He is currently watching sports highlights (don't ask).

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:40 PM

Haaahaahaahaa Don't worry, I will take him to Rider games so you don't have to. Try all you want but he is converted and it only took me 2 months! :) BTW: I have never had children but I always have awkward coffee stains all over my cloths. I understand your pain to some extent. Also, doesn't the word "awkward" look weird when you spell it out...I thought it was spelt wrong but it isn't...I think. It just doesn't look right.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 11:07 PM

yeah, always wear bright patterned clothes, hides things and when the milk dries then its not like having two big headlights dried in the obvious spots......  

Blogger Brika ~ 11:53 AM

Did we give you those baby safe feeders yet? They're great.  

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