Sunday, October 18, 2009


Macklin was sitting on Trev's lap when suddenly he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and... wait for it... put it back in.

Wow, you're saying. And CNN's chasing Balloon Boy around?

Well, it was a big deal to us. He did it multiple times. And he was so nonchalant about it, like he's been doing it for years. He didn't even take his eyes off of The Amazing Race. And today he was going crazy with the verbal exclamations. Our little boy's growing up!

In other news, Trevor took Mac duty for the day and aside from brief breaks to feed, I plowed through two week's worth of homework for two separate courses. I can now dedicate the rest of the week to the woefully behind Anatomy / Physiology. This makes me exceedingly thankful (but still terrified).

Also, we had our family thanksgiving yesterday. It was wonderful. Good weekend.

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